How to make her calves fatter?

The calves: a muscular group that many have abandoned for lack of seeing results, blaming their genetics.

The Zone gives you the keys today so that your calves finally become an asset of your physique!
If it is true that genetics is important, not everything is lost! A small calf can grow, however, it is not possible to alter muscle ties. So you can increase the size of your calves, but if they are very tall and cone-shaped ice, you will have a hard time changing its shape. But better to have a developed calf whose genetics are not ideal to your eyes, a calf atrophied and genetically imperfect!

1 - Work them often

work your calves in the right way to make them grow
The calves are a  very powerful muscle group . The man is made to walk every day for many hours. Your calves can be trained regularly. Some even go to work every day while having very good results!
For example, you can start by working on them after every other workout . If you are afraid of losing your motivation at the end of the session, try starting with your calves before starting your session.
Have you ever watched the calves of dancers and stars? Their calves are forged thanks to innumerable repetitions of exercises on the tip of the feet, all with the weight of the body obviously! It's not a question of charge.

2 - Vary the exercises

There are several muscles that make up the calf, especially the soleus , a deep muscle, and the twins (the gastrocnemius muscles) which give the "bulging" aspect of the calf.
These muscles are not solicited in the same way depending on the exercises. This is why it is important to vary the exercises to develop your calves!
The soleus is more stressed when the knees are bent , while the twins are more stressed when the legs are stretched . 
Therefore, it is interesting to perform sitting exercises , but also standing exercises to work each part of the calf effectively.

3 - Work from different angles

work from different angles for uniform bodybuilding
It is not necessarily necessary to change the angle of your feet (toes inwards then outwards). Overly exaggerating these positions can result in an ankle or knee injury. Simply vary the distance between your feet : feet together, shoulder width, then slightly wider.

4 - Do not cheat: keep a full amplitude and do not use your momentum

Choose a load that allows you to perform a full range of motion: go all the way down to stretch the calf, and move up so you can maintain a contraction for a few seconds.
Pausing at the bottom of the movement to stretch the muscle and then tying it up for a few seconds at the top of your movement prevents you from using the bounce to make your reps easier: you have nothing without nothing ! 
Work in a sensation: try to feel the contraction caused by the movement. It is much more efficient to perform 15 repetitions properly and feeling the congestion and the "burn" caused, than 50 cheating!

5 - Do not neglect the anterior tibial muscle

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said "pump equals growth". Muscle congestion has the effect of causing a larger blood flow to one part of your body. The higher the blood flow, the more nutrients and oxygen flow into the muscle. Which allows a better muscular growth. In order to increase congestion in the area, do not neglect the work of the  anterior tibial muscle : the muscle located at the front of your shin ! 
If you do not have a machine specifically designed for this type of work, a very good alternative is to use elastic bands or resistance bandsBy fixing them on the ground, you pass your feet underneath and raise the toes of the feet towards the knees.