Are you ready? it's time to train for summer A workout for you

Did you know that you can study at a university to be a coach?
When you're looking for the "six-pack", to strengthen your lap belt or to have more defined abs, you have to start somewhere. If you are a beginner, this article is timely! It will give you ideas of exercises that will allow you to have stronger and more defined abs. And for those who already work on a regular basis, there may be a crucial element missing in your training: diversity.
Abdominal crunches are recommended by many sports coaches and although they can bring you many benefits such as a reinforced abdominal strap, a tonic belly or a facility to perform some movements in bodybuilding, this exercise will not necessarily give you the famous "six-pack", and will not contribute to the general strengthening of the abdominal strap.

Of course, we have to start somewhere! Crunches will surely be ideal when you start, but when you start to enter the bodybuilding world, you must learn to work one muscle group at a time. For example, while the pumps will develop the pecs, using variations for this exercise will allow you to work the upper or lower part of your pecs. In other words, an exercise is not suitable for everyone.
It's exactly the same for abdominals, which means you have to work from different angles to develop them in the most efficient way possible. So you will get the famous six-pack and that without forcing on the cardio.
So, what are the best abdominal exercises to start?


You already know how simple crunches work, so it's time to get to the next level, using a Swiss Ball. By using this accessory, you will work the auxiliary muscles thanks to the imbalance that it brings. Your upper abs will be the most requested during this exercise.

abs work

Leg raises

You can use a pull bar to raise yourself, keep your legs straight and gently lift them up to form an L. This exercise will work on your lower abdominals but also your back. You can also do this exercise by lying on the floor. Once again, you can move to the next level by positioning a Swiss Ball between your legs when performing this exercise.


Put yourself in a plank position on your elbows. If you try this exercise for the first time, it may seem easy, but you will not say the same when your arms and legs begin to shake. If this exercise is familiar to you, you can hold this position longer or do it on a Swiss Ball to test your stability. Costal sheathing can be an excellent alternative also for working oblique abs.

Abs twists

They can be performed standing or lying on a carpet. Standing, feet apart at the width of the pelvis, make twisting movements to the left and then to the right. Be careful to move only your bust and that's it. If you do this exercise on the ground, with your feet slightly off, you will increase the level of difficulty. You can also add weights for this exercise to get better results.

Roulette with abs

An abdominal wheel will help you work on your lap belt and will also help you strengthen and get a better definition. This exercise combines the benefits of exercises such as sheathing, while stretching and using your arms.

Oblique (with weight)

With your hands resting on your body, gently lean to the side to touch your knee. Do the same on the other side. Perform this exercise by only moving your upper body. You can also try adding weights in each hand while performing this exercise to add difficulty. Other variations exist for this exercise, you can elevate yourself on a step and use a kettlebell, which will provide additional resistance on the other side of your abdomen.

Lumbar extension

Performed on a bench at lumbar, this exercise will also be beneficial for your posterior chain. These low back muscles, called lumbar muscles, are very important for your posture and for your lap belt, and since many abdominal exercises work on your back, it is important to strengthen this muscle group. Start by forming a right angle with the lumbar bench and then slowly go back up to align your body. Make things a bit more difficult by holding a kettlebell in front of you or placing a weight on your shoulders.


Everything does not necessarily happen on the floor mat, you know it! If your goal is to strengthen your lap belt, the squat can help you. You will say that the squat is reserved for legs sessions, but think again, the abs are extremely busy during this exercise since they play a role of balance.

Other exercises for the lower body and especially polyarticular exercises such as squat or deadlift will help you burn a maximum of calories, since they recruit many muscle fibers. It's rather good news when you're looking to lose a bit of body fat to get the six-pack.
In summary :
  • Remember to vary the exercises when you work the abs
  • Add weight for more difficulty
  • Do not forget to work the obliques
  • Do poly-articular exercises (squat, deadlift, ...)
  • Take rest: the abdominals are like other muscules, so do not work them every day